Camilla lives in Somerset with her husband, two children, two dogs, one cat, two goats and one sheep.

She studied art for three years in Florence in her late teens, under the guidance of Professor Simi.

Then, after living abroad for many years, moving to London and working as a photographer's agent in advertising, Camilla decided to paint.  Beginning with still life, she explored the relationships between inanimate objects.  Her understanding of light and shade was much influenced by the years she spent working in photography - these had provided a rich learning discipline.  Her recent figurative paintings have been of refugees and the homeless, much inspired by her work with Nightstop - a life changing charity in Bristol for young people thrown on to the street.  She travels, when she can, to Africa, India and south east Asia; she enjoys painting the characters she sees and meets, such as Kukuwa here exhibited.

Camilla was chosen by BBC One to take part in their Big Painting Challenge which aired in 2017.  She completed half the episodes!

Largely self taught, Camilla works in oils on canvas and recently made the following statement:

"Over all, I feel I am beginning a transition towards a more edgy and harsh subject matter – away from the pretty towards an activism more relevant to this troubled world.  I am currently working on a painting which, hopefully, will illustrate the suffering in intensive farming and pigs, a subject which I witnessed and was deeply moved by."



September 2018 Art Week, Batcombe

August 2018 Bruton Art Society

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September 2017 Art Week, Batcombe

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